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Devo ammettere di essere molto soddisfatto di SMath Studio, uno (a mio giudizio) dei migliori software freeware matematico disponibile al momento per più piattaforme (Windows, Linux, Windows Mobile), che viene aggiornato con una certa regolarità dal suo creatore.

In questi giorni il programma è giunto alla versione 0.80 e porta con se finalmente una versione Portable del programma da poter mettere nella propria chiavetta USB… come dire la piena maturità (versione 1.0) si avvicina sempre più.

Di seguito sono elencate le novità che troviamo in questa release:

  • Added high-quality Print functionality. Page Setup and Print Preview Dialogs added;
  • Added ability to save MathCad files (in .xmcd file-format);
  • Added ability to see edit-status of document on the main Title (char * after page name in Title means, that document was modified);
  • Added ability to copy page control(s) by moving it (they) with Ctrl key pressed;
  • SM files improved: added support of Png format. Png image files format placed as a default image format for .sm files for saving;
  • Infinity now can be inserted by Ctrl+Shift+Z shortcut;
  • New Interface language added: Turkish (TUR);
  • New Interface language added: Simplified Chinese (CHS);
  • New Interface language added: Traditional Chinese (CHT);
  • Fixed error with fist time loading language file. Now default language is ENG (instead of BUL in some OS’ localizations);
  • Tooltips for math Controls with definitions added;
  • Gamma function calculation implemented;
  • Restored ability to work with Infinity;
  • 0^0=0 error fixed in symbolic library;
  • Now, before numeric integral calculating, integrand will be simplified;
  • Export to HTML menu-item removed. But added new file type item (HTML files) in Save File Dialog;
  • Fixed issue with Picture Control: after opening the page with Picture, this control doesn’t paint marks for resizing;
  • Instant Log() function implemented in Symbolic library;
  • Instant Invert() function implemented to Symbolic library;
  • Fixed issue with Calculate >> Invert and Calculate >> Determinant when equation in interest includes variables;
  • Logarithms with 0 number now calls an exceptions;
  • Desktop: Mathbar show/hide record added to settings file;
  • Handheld: First symbol input (math & text) fixed for smartphones;
  • Undo/Redo functionality improved;
  • Fixed errors with controls sorting;
  • Improved edit-status changing; now it depends on changes history;
  • Fixed error with AreaControl on Undo/Redo; Fixed error with Undo/Redo functionality after inserting AreaControl;
  • On Paste, all created elements now become selected;
  • Fixed multiple errors when opening MathCad documents (Fixed errors with Mat and Nthroot variables, if defined in source .xmcd file; “resultFormat” tag added to support-list; Fixed error with floating point symbol when parsing imaginary part of a number; Fixed error with opening .xmcd files, that contains Empty Operator; Text string parsing improved. Now SMath Studio displays all text of .xmcd documents, but without formatting). Import of the xmcd improved. Gamma function import implemented;
  • Improved dynamic cursor changing;
  • Fixed critical error with changing elements focuses by using TAB (DOWN) and Shift+TAB (UP) keys;
  • Added ability to change Red cursor position by Enter key pressing when Picture, Area or Text Elements focused;
  • To add a new line to the Text element, Shift+Enter or Ctrl+Enter should be pressed now;
  • Handheld: On Smartphone, to add a new line to the Text Element on the page when it is Focused, OK button should be pressed only with ‘*’ button is pressed too;
  • Fixed issue with Red Cross Cursor drawing when using Ctrl key for selecting Elements on the page;
  • Fixed errors with numeric methods;
  • Symbolic library calculation errors fixed, also fixed an error on differentiation;
  • Fixed error: on Paste, changes don’t log into Undo/Redo history;
  • Desktop: Several new icons added to the main menu;
  • Fixed calculation error: small imaginary part of a number appears sometime on power calculating;
  • Fixed error with “mat” variable decisions in Symbolic library;
  • About Dialog updated: Translators info added to the dialog;
  • Desktop: Toolbar Tooltips updated;
  • Fixed critical error when trying to Save if no Page exists;
  • Added exception handlers for the Input/Output exceptions when working with Save file functionality;
  • New action added: Insert Separator – it puts a horizontal line to the page (earlier it was called Area). Real Area Control adding not implemented yet;
  • Open/save of the simple (!) Area control implemented for MathCad files;
  • Desktop: GUI improved: Selected controls now filled by Selection color in addition to rectangle drawing;
  • Desktop: Fixed error with cursor blinking when SMath Studio executed into the guest OS under Virtual Machine;
  • Fixed issues with error handling on plotting into the Plot Control;
  • Fixed error of the Symbolic library when working with Infinity;
  • Beta version of Enhanced Graphics implemented (can be manually turned on in config file: line ‘EnhancedGraphics=True’). This feature provides antialiasing for all elements of Math Controls;
  • Fixed errors with non-inserting brackets in math-equation in some cases on editing;
  • Increased accuracy of graphs drawing;
  • Solve function speed increased;
  • Restored functionality of the buttons ‘File’ >> ‘Close Page’ and ‘Pages’ >> ‘Close Page’;
  • Many of code optimizations.

Per quel che riguarda le specifiche del programma nulla di nuovo… il che è naturalemnte un bene.

SMathStudioHandheld 0.8 – Setup.cabWindows Mobile
SMathStudioHandheld 0.8 – Mobile
SMathStudioHandheld 0.8 – Setup.exe – Windows Mobile

SMathStudioDesktop 0.8 – Setup.msi – Windows
SMathStudioDesktop 0.8 – Portable – Windows

SMathStudioDesktop 0.8 – Mono.tar.gz – Linux

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